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Riverkeeper launches new wetlands project in Shady Side

shady side bannerThe West & Rhode Riverkeeper has just launched a project at the Avalon Shores Fire Department in Shady Side to create a new wetland to treat stormwater that runs into the West River and help relieve flooding on Shady Side Road and neighboring properties.

Funded by grants from the Chesapeake Bay Trust, the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Trust Fund, Patagonia and Unity Gardens, the project will remove 2,000 square feet of an unused asphalt parking lot and create 4,252 square feet of stormwater treatment wetland.  Construction will be complete by the end of August. Volunteers from the Avalon Shores community will help plant the wetlands with native plants in November.

This newly created stormwater treatment wetland will capture and treat stormwater from about acres of adjacent lawn and impervious surface.  This imperious surface consists of county roads, the fire department, and roofs and driveways of nearby residences.  The newly created wetland will be installed next to the existing intermittent stream (a man-made drainage ditch) and will capture some stormwater flows from this ditch.  This will increase the amount of water retained after rain events and slow flows traveling downstream to the adjacent neighborhood.

The project will reduce the total amount of stormwater pollution (nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment) entering South Creek in the West River. It will also reduce stormwater flows that currently flood neighboring properties in the Avalon Shores Community.