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Osprey Watch - BGE's Osprey Protection Program


Osprey Watch – BGE’s Osprey Protection Program

BGE is committed to protecting the environment in our communities, and this includes the ospreys that return to the Chesapeake Bay region each March. Ensuring the safety of these birds around electric equipment is a top priority.

BGE utility poles are prime locations for osprey nest construction, but this is dangerous for the birds and can potentially create service reliability issues. Ospreys have caused more than 100 power outages since 2006!

We need your help to keep these birds safe, so in 2016 we launched a program called Osprey Watch. Through this program, customers who observe nests on BGE equipment can report the locations so we can protect the birds and continue to deliver electricity reliably and safely. 23 nests were reported in 2016!

How you can help – join Osprey Watch!

  • When you see an osprey nest on BGE equipment, email ospreywatch@bge.com with the following information:
  • If the pole is easily accessible, please send us the pole number, located on a placard near eye level on the pole.
  • If the pole is not easily accessible, please send us the nearest address to the pole and attach photos of the pole (taken from different perspectives if possible).

What happens next?

  • BGE adheres to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and Bald Eagle Protection Act and has a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Special Purpose Utility Permit covering all work involving active nests.
  • If there are no birds or eggs in the nest, it will be removed or relocated.
  • If there are birds or eggs in the nest, shielding will be placed to protect both the ospreys and BGE’s equipment.
  • Once the nest is vacated for the year, it will be removed or relocated.
  • Deterrents will then be placed on BGE equipment to prevent future nests

Help us continue to improve the safety and reliability of electric service.

  • In 2016, the average number of interruptions was the fourth lowest rate in BGE’s history.
  • When customers did experience an outage, BGE restored power faster than ever before. The average length of a service interruption has been reduced by 49 minutes over the last five years.

Questions? Comments? Please email ospreywatch@bge.com.