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Dec 27

Happy New Year!

Posted by: Jeff Holland

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cheston creekI've just completed my fourth year of service as your Riverkeeper, and I'm filled with hope for another successful year ahead. This will be a year of outreach. We're teaming up with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center to engage every one of the homeowners' associations along the Rhode River. We'll be providing educational programs and working with students from Southern High School to build our Marylanders Grow Oysters project. Eventually, we'll be planting oyster spat on three new small demonstration oyster beds we'll be creating on the bottom of the river. 

We'll also be producing a series of summer concerts in local neighborhoods, and of course, we'll be reprising our popular Ride for the Rivers event in September. Each of these events serves as an opportunity to have fun and learn how we can all become better stewards of our rivers.

The good news is that we're making a difference. Our report cards have improved every year, from a "D" when I started to a solid "C" this past season. And we've had schools of dolphins and flocks of pelicans to affirm that we're doing a good job in our quest to make the rivers fishable and swimmable. You can't ask for better referrals!

Please join me this Saturday for a bird walk at Franklin Point State Park, led by my friend, photographer, writer and poet Dotty Holcomb Doherty, and don't miss the concert on January 27 in Galesville. My old pal Janie Meneely and her partner Rob van Sante will be coming over from Yorkshire to share their music of the Bay and Beyond, and my new friends Rich Elmquist and Hugh Cassidy will perform with me to open the concert. Janie and I will share some songs from our Crab Alley days as well. It should be a magical evening!

As always, thank you for your continued support. We can't do all we do without you.

Your Riverkeeper,